Fix your breakfast for easier weight loss, more energy and no more sugar cravings!

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Jumpstart Weight Loss & Eliminate Sugar Cravings

The secret to easier weight loss, better energy and fewer cravings might just be one meal away. Rev up your metabolism, boost your energy, and eliminate sugar cravings before they even begin with the right breakfast. I'll show you how!

Easier Weight Loss

The right breakfast can boost your weight loss through balanced blood sugar, lower stress hormones, and reducing food cravings. 

Better Energy

The right breakfast will give you steady energy for hours so you can stay focused, productive and avoid the dreaded afternoon slump.

Goodbye Cravings

The right breakfast can stop food cravings before they ever begin. Stop relying on willpower, simply start with a better breakfast.

Are you feeling wired and tired?

You start your day feeling pretty good, but crash in the afternoon, and find yourself reaching for sugar, snacks or caffeine to keep you going. Does this sound familiar?

Food cravings running the show?

What would life be like if sugar cravings no longer had a hold on you? No more relying on willpower or "food rules" to keep you on track. You could take the cookie, or leave it, without mind tricks or punishing thoughts. 

A Better Breakfast Can Change Everything!

What you eat for your first meal sets the stage for the whole entire day

Your breakfast is like the starting domino that sets off a chain of hormonal and metabolic events that either set you up for a day of great energy and balanced hunger or non-stop cravings and energy crashes!

When you get breakfast right, the rest of the dominoes fall into place.

It seems so simple, and it is! That's the best part! This one simple change can change everything, but most people are doing it wrong and unknowingly making it harder for themselves to lose weight and feel better.

Susan B.

Since I have been working with Deena on diet and nutrition, I have learned so much about how to feed my body for maximum efficiency and health. I have improved blood sugar, blood pressure and lost weight while maintaining energy for workouts and hiking. 

Amber N.

Deena is the best!!! So knowledgable so passionate about helping others get healthy!! I'm so impressed with her better breakfast workshop and her fasting program and look forward to more!!

Are you making these breakfast mistakes?

  • Are you skipping breakfast for the sake of intermittent fasting?
  • Are you running out the door on just coffee and carbs?
  • Is your breakfast lacking in the most important nutrient for satiety, weight loss, and hormone balance?

Most people are making several HUGE mistakes when it comes to breakfast, and it comes back to bite them later with afternoon energy crashes, all-day snacking, late night food cravings, and poor sleep.

There's a better & easier way!

Inside the Better Breakfast Workshop, you'll learn how to build a breakfast that revs up your metabolism, gives you long-lasting energy, and makes constant food cravings a thing of the past.


Here's What You'll Learn!

  • The 3 biggest breakfast mistakes that make cravings worse, crash your energy, and make it nearly impossible to lose any weight. 
  • The #1 most important nutrient to have at breakfast to rev up your metabolism, help you lose weight and keep sugar cravings at bay and exactly how much you need to get these benefits (spoiler alert - hardly anyone gets enough at breakfast).
  • The key ingredient every breakfast needs to provide long-lasting energy so you can avoid the afternoon energy slump that has you snacking and reaching for yet another cup of coffee.
  • A simple 3 part formula to building a breakfast that will kick sugar cravings to the curb so you can finally lose weight without relying on willpower and restriction. 
  • How skipping breakfast can backfire if you're trying to lose weight, making food cravings worse and causing rebound hunger at night, just when your metabolism is slowing down for the day.
  • How to build a breakfast that nourishes, sustains and satisfies without spending a ton of time in the kitchen, using the foods you already know and love.



You'll get my favorite nourishing breakast recipes that all follow the 3-part formula for better energy, fewer cravings and easier weight loss. 

These breakfasts will sustain you, keep you energized, and rev up your metabolism without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

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If you've got kids, this workshop is even more important!

Kids' brains and bodies are even more susceptible to the wrong kind of breakfast! Give them the best start in the morning so they have steady energy to learn, move, play and grow! (Not the wild and crazy energy they get from most "kid's breakfasts")  

Build a breakfast that will keep you energized, diminish cravings and promote fat loss in 3 easy steps! 

  • Instant access to The Better Breakfast Video Training (75 min). 
  • Better Breakfast Guidebook. A complete step-by-step guide to building healthy, energizing breakfasts to fuel your day.
  • Better Breakfast Recipe E-Book. 19 protein-packed, high-fiber recipes that are quick, easy and delicious! All recipes have gluten and diary-free options. 
  • BONUS! Two recipe video demos of my favorite breakfast recipes.
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Hi, I'm Deena

As a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, I help my clients lose weight and have more energy by focusing on healthy foundations. The fact is, you don't need to avoid every delicious food on the planet, or take dozens of expensive supplements to start feeling loads better! In fact, often the simplest tools are the most effective. That's why I recommend you start with a better breakfast.

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